The AdWords Jumpstart

Jumpstart your Google Ads campaigns | taught by Andy Black

Course description

Want to get found by the people ALREADY looking for you?

There could be someone looking for your business on Google right now, and they are not finding you.

Google AdWords can help you get those people to your website.It’s a great tool for generating high quality leads, but it can be complicated to learn and easy to lose your shirt.

You could learn AdWords by reading a 400 page book or going through 18 hours of videos, but maybe you just want to get an ad live ASAP so you can then learn by doing?

Maybe you prefer to get some skin in the game today, instead of in a few weeks or months?

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who want to generate more leads, sales, revenue and profit.It’s not a course for people who just want to “learn AdWords”.

It’s a course for people who want to get some skin in the game, without losing their shirt.

It’s for people who want to get an ad live on Google ASAP, and then learn by doing.

If you provide a local service or marketing services to local service businesses, then this AdWords course is right up your street. The local competition on AdWords is so easy to beat - when you know what you’re doing.

If you're using AdWords for eCommerce then this course may still help you write more relevant and better ads. Just bear in mind I don't cover Product Listing Ads since this is a Jumpstart course designed to help you get great ads live ASAP.

Why now?

There could be someone looking for your business on Google right now, and they are not finding you.

This course will get you up and running FAST, so you can be found by the people already searching for you.

It won’t turn you into an AdWords pro overnight (nothing can!), but you will get some skin in the game, without fear of losing your shirt.

What’s in the course?

The AdWords Jumpstart eBook (updated for 2019). This is 45 pages explaining what to do and why, and then detailed screenshots showing how to perform each step.

A series of short and actionable lessons to help you:

  1. Identify the visitors who want to buy what you sell.
  2. Create your AdWords account, first campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword. You can follow along with the eBook if you want.
  3. Create a much bigger ad with ad extensions.
  4. Understand what to do next (how to build out your campaigns, get into a continuous cycle of improvement, and where to learn more).

Remember: this course is a Jumpstart. It’s designed to get you up and running ASAP, and stay out of trouble. Depending on uptake and feedback I may create more courses to help you after you’re up and running. You may or may not need them anyway.

Get a consultation with me

People who complete the course and build their initial campaigns can get a 45 minute consultation with me for $99.


The course is priced at $399.That makes it EXCELLENT value, but only if you’re going to take action on it, and only if you can do something with the leads you generate. It’s poor value if it’s going to gather dust on your shelf.

Money back guarantee 

There is NO money back guarantee.

I’ve spent years reading about AdWords, building and testing AdWords campaigns, and helping business owners understand AdWords so they can setup campaigns themselves.

You’re buying information that will help you get a great ad running in as few steps as possible. This course is short and to the point to suit busy business owners who want to generate leads, and not learn all the ins and outs of AdWords. Consider this a no fluff zone.

Once you “see” how poorly most ads are written, and you “see” how you can swiftly write a better ad then you’ve acquired a very valuable ability.

Once you see Google the way I do, you won’t be able to undo it, even if you hand your money back.

Andy Black
Andy Black
Google Ads Consultant

Why learn from me?

In the past 9 years I’ve managed hundreds of accounts and millions of Euros of spend.

I was the analyst in a team of 35 AdWords Specialists spending over €120k a day. I delivered weekly training sessions and later ended up leading the team.

I worked in a startup building 120 million keywords and ads so we could generate over 15,000 signups a day.

I’ve spent 12 months building and optimising campaigns for one of the largest daily deal sites in the world, and over 3 years managing the campaigns for the largest insurance broker in Ireland.

I’ve generated leads to a call centre of people looking for tradesmen throughout the UK.

I’ve honed the campaign and ad creation down to a few short steps that can be done in 10 minutes with experience. I come out the gates fast and hard and with better ads than the competition - better because they’re more relevant to people searching on Google, and better because they’re bigger and more enticing.

I’ve learned the hard way which default campaign settings give too much control to Google and will slowly bleed you of cash while you’re looking the other way.

I’ve had calls with many business owners where I’ve audited their accounts, helped them stem the bleed, and turn their campaigns around. I’ve worked out WHY people create campaigns so they’re almost guaranteed to hand money to Google and see very little in return, and how to quickly train people to turn it around.

I’ve helped people get their first ad running in our first call, and heard their excitement when they “get it”.

I also know you won’t “get it” by learning from books or videos - that this only happens when you have your own ad live and real money on the table.

My mission

I started in AdWords in 2009 when I helped an electrician friend get more work. The economy was tanking back then and all his work dried up. He had a wife and two kids and another baby on the way. It got so bad he had to hand his van back.

I knew this was the beginning of the end for him and tried to help. We built a website and one day an AdWords voucher fell out of a book.

I can still remember his voice when he rang to say “Andy, it works! I’ve had a call.”

His excitement told me I’d thrown him a lifeline – I’d given him hope.

He went on to buy a van and build a workshop out the back. His dad quietly bought me a drink at a family gathering. That’s when I realised I’d not only helped my friend keep a roof over his head, but I’d helped the rest of his family who were worried for him.

That's when I realised I was doing more than just "AdWords".

I’m on a mission to demystify paid search, and to help the smaller business owner get found by the people already searching for them.

The smaller guys are under-served. Agencies won’t touch them as they’re after bigger fish, and most information out there isn’t actionable, or is smothered in confusing geek speak.

I love hearing the excitement and hope in someone’s voice when they tell me “Andy, it works!”

My mission is to pass on that excitement and hope to more people.

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